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Website Reward
Sniper Faucet BTC 20
yescoiner BTC 3-50
Robot Hunter BTC 1-200
wheelofgold USDT 0.002
emoticonfaucet USDT 0.00329
topfaucetlist/trx TRX 0.005
litecoinfaucet LTC 5000
freeltc LTC 2280
ltcking LTC 2278
tronfaucet.crypto2desk TRX 0.03

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Claim 3 satoshi every 120 minutes .

For those new to the faucet! just follow the instructions below!!!
STEP 2 Enter your Faucetpay Username
STEP 3 Complete Captcha
STEP 4 this checkbox will direct you to another site and resolve this shortlink if...

STEP 5 Click the Claim Button!
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Payment History

User Address Reward Date
Panget054 +bonus 602-02-2023 02:24:55pm
leg041263@gmail.com3 +bonus 702-02-2023 02:12:52pm
urii1953@gmail.com4 +bonus 602-02-2023 02:07:29pm
anjianus@gmail.com4 +bonus 602-02-2023 02:00:38pm
MMAXIMUSS4 +bonus 602-02-2023 01:59:54pm

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